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My Life as a Digital Nomad

As the wanderlust became too unbearable, I gave up my flat in Bavaria – and with a job as a travel writer and my lap top in one hand and my 1.5 year-old in the other, I boarded the plane to Bangalore in South India. As long as the internet connection is reasonably stable, I can work independently as a writer from anywhere.

How I Became a Digital Nomad

In 2012 I took the first daring step by planning a 6 months trip to Asia. That it would turn into more than a year was unknown to me at the time. I quit my job as an HR manager, sublet my flat in Munich and packed my 651-rucksack. On an adventurous trip through India, Thailand and Indonesia, I didn’t only marvel at the beauty of Taj Mahal, practice yoga and take diving classes – I also realised that travelling is my passion. Climbing the career ladder and partying late does not hold a candle to the sweet taste of freedom that I have experienced at the colourful bazars and the tropical beaches.

Texterin Julia und ihre Tochter auf Reisen
Julia and her daughter while travelling

Independence Pays off

But how can a travel addict fund an on-going independent life style? Desperately I sifted through the internet. Terms such as digital nomad and online business were still uncommon at that time, and the German blogger scene was only just developing. At one point I came across the website of TripsbyTips. A linguistic talent and almost 10 years of experience in the travel industry should qualify me – so I applied. Thanks to the shaky internet connection of a tiny Sumatran island, I still haven’t concluded the process I began in 2012.

Travelling the World as a Freelance Writer

That happened around 2 years later on my second journey to Kudle-Beach in South India. At that time it was clear to me that going back to the old routines in Germany was not an option. My brief encounter with the world of writing came to a sudden end when I found out I was pregnant. That meant going back to Germany, to nest and welcome my child, and the dream of eternal travelling left me for a while. But it must be possible to see the world with a child! I started my blog Trippingtribe, and in 2017 I was suddenly reminded of TripsbyTips. As the wanderlust became too unbearable, I gave up my flat in Bavaria, and with a job as a travel writer and my lap top in one hand and my 1.5 year-old in the other, I boarded the plane to Bangalore in South India. The uproar from friends, acquaintances and blog readers was substantial – as was the scepticism about moving to India with a toddler.

Hafen von Gili Air
The harbour of Gili Air, a small island next to Lombok in Indonesia

Next Stop Bali

We have lived in Bali since 2017. TripsbyTips has opened the doors to the world and to my dreams. I am immensely grateful for this brilliant way to earn money while maintaining enough freedom to raise my child on my own. Bali is perfect for families because of the great infrastructure, access to Western products, playgrounds and health care. In addition, this Indonesian island is an exotic paradise with miles of sandy beaches, volcanoes, rain forest and friendly people. Our home base is in Ubud where we have found an interesting start-up scene, other nomads and playmates for my daughter. Bali is heavenly, but it won’t be our last stop. Thanks to my job, I can live and work anywhere as long as the internet connection is fairly stable. Regularly I am contacted by people who dream of an independent life style. I always recommend sending an application to TripsbyTips. Once you have been accepted, you can pack and go. The world is our home!

What you Must Pack as a Travelling Writer

  • Laptop, mobile phone, e-book reader and chargers
  • Credit cards
  • Travel insurance
  • Good shoes for trekking
  • Bathing shoes
  • Small medicine cabinet for emergencies
  • Sweater or jacket for air conditioned transportation or shops

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