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Re-launch of our corporate website: The start of something new

Today is a great day in our company’s history: the new corporate site is now live, and with this step, we lay the foundation for the technical separation of the crowdsourcing platform used to create tourist content, from the old community portal. With this re-launch we implement the switch of our business model, pursued since 2012, to become the leading producer of multilingual unique travel content. For many months the product and IT teams have planned and coded the new website, all with support from the entire team. In the coming months we will be raising all our software and infrastructure to a whole new level.

Chocolate cake for re-launch

How everything began…

In 2007, TripsByTips was founded as a travel community by Uwe Frers. The aim was to produce user-generated content, and become the largest German-speaking online travel community. Using insider tips and pictures by travelers, for travelers, we were able to generate reach and monetise this through affiliates, advertisements and partnerships.

The model worked, but did not quite fly. In 2012, we decided to switch our business model from an ad-financed B2C community, to a B2B producer of unique tourist content. The first step toward creating content was to form a crowd network, and we deliberately planned and implemented this based on already existing technology. It was then possible to create a change, and to continuously transform TripsByTips without fresh capital, into a healthy, growing and profitable company. Although the development of a brownfield project brings risks, it also gives us the opportunity to test all processes, to learn, grow and improve our platform.

What can you expect from our re-launch?

We have been planning the re-launch for over a year, and what makes it special is the ability to build an IT product in collaboration with the entire team, so that our future platform parallels the updates to the existing system. Everything we learn at this stage goes directly into improving of the new platform. It will make the site better, more flexible and speed up development, with the following objectives:·

  • For authors
    Intuitive interface which will be simple and fun to use, New tools will offer assistance in writing, Simplified briefings, Improved ways to match author profiles with orders.
  • For editors
    Simplified ways to communicate with authors, New text analysis tools to support the editing process.
  • For customers
    New feedback processes, Flexibility when planning assignments, Flexible import and export formats, Optimisable interface and brand new, long-term products.

I am proud of the team. The new corporate site is a milestone which will finally bring the internally pursued processes to the forefront. In addition to the core team at TripsByTips, I would like to extend a big thank you to Pooliestudios and all the authors, editors, customers and suppliers who have remained loyal to us over the years.

The new website:

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