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TripsByTips is still growing: new year – new face

With the beginning of the new year, a new apprentice joins the team: Emanuel. He grew up in the mountains, not five minutes from Lake Constance. Now he has ended up in flat Berlin. In the past he devoted all of his school holidays to travelling – to leaving his home town and seeing the world. He documented all of his experiences in a blog.


Later, he became an editor and travelled across the German speaking countries to report on conventions, press events and exhibitions. For a while, he even had a book deal that he had to let go due to lack of time: he had to focus on his studies.

After graduation, he had many job changes before starting his military service in Austria and even spending a few months working for the military police. But he missed travelling and writing. At TripsByTips, he can combine these passions.

As apprentice, Emanuel will take on assignments in project management, sales and marketing. The first days have already shown that he approaches tasks with great motivation and vigour. I look forward to the support and the breath of fresh air.

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