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TripsByTips merges with Greatcontent

TripsByTips has developed very well over the years, not at least because of your confidence in us. Since the change of our business model from a B2C Travel Community in the year 2012 to a Travel Content Specialist we have been able to increase our turnover by 15 – 30% annually. Today we are proud to announce another milestone in our young company history: TripsByTips will

merge with Greatcontent (Press Release) to generate further growth by bundling both service portfolios.

What does this merger mean in operational terms?

Initially, no changes will be noticeable, as of course our brand, contact persons, processes, contracts and orders remain valid and will continue to be fully fulfilled by us. The change of name will affect formal aspects in particular changes of address and bank data.

What are the opportunities?

TripsByTips as brand will further expand its role as a market leader in the field of creating travel content. We will further strengthen our tourism specialisation under the umbrella of the Greatcontent Group, expand our author network and thus continue to offer the entire spectrum of travel content and requirements for content quality, scalability and customer-specific flexibility – be it hotel descriptions, content for SEO landing pages, inspirational content for magazines or insider tips from travel-experienced locals.

I am looking forward to what comes up next.



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