• Working with TripsByTips since May 2015
  • Transactional hotel and destination content
  • Thousands of pieces of content produced annually
  • SEO visibility growth: FTI.de by 260% and sonnenklar.tv more than 60%

About FTI

FTI is one of Germany’s leading travel companies, offering worldwide trips at over 60 destinations across five continents. FTI Touristik GmbH forms part of FTI Group, which has more than 7,000 employees worldwide, whose branches are located across Austria and the Netherlands, as well as a subsidiary in Switzerland.

The challenge

Strong and cost-effective growth

The internet is an important sales platform for tourism products, creating a highly competitive online travel market. In order to successfully compete against other tour operators, metasearch engines, and OTAs, not only does one need top products, but also the best SEO strategy integrated in the marketing mix. FTI constantly adjusts their website content to their customers’ needs, thereby optimising the conversion rate. For almost three years, TripsByTips has consistently supplied FTI with informative and inspiring texts.

Jan Metzler FTI

TripsByTips continually delivers high quality content, which supports us brilliantly in achieving even our most ambitious revenue goals.

Jan Metzler, Team Leader SEO/Content Marketing

The goal is constant growth, to strengthen FTI’s position against both the long-standing competitors and new players in the market.

The solution

Transactional Content

On FTI’s websites, every photo and every text fulfils multiple requirements. The search engines have to be convinced first, in order to successfully be noticed by potential customers. An integrated keyword cluster, such as a hotel description, is the initial ranking factor which raises the visibility of bookable objects. The result: more traffic. If the content answers all the user’s questions, inspires the urge to travel, and in the best-case scenario, stimulates a purchase, the search engine rates the conversion as positive. The search engine also notices if a user stays on the website for a longer period of time; reading an article about their next holiday destination to the end, for example, will reward FTI with a higher ranking.

For hotel content, transactional content, and editorial texts such as blog posts, TripsByTips is the perfect tourism expert.

Jan Metzler FTI

We really value the high-quality production and consistent punctuality, which the in-house editor guarantees. Moreover, our ongoing projects are continuously optimised, and we can even scale the campaigns which are performing particularly well. The collaboration is even more enjoyable because we have just one contact for all questions, from briefing to delivery.

Jan Metzler, Team Leader SEO/Content Marketing

The results

Improved content experience and almost unbelievable visibility growth

Since the start of the collaboration in May 2015, FTI has built over 10,000 new landing pages with unique travel content from TripsByTips. The hotel descriptions deliver real value and are even valuable in the long-term, for both the potential customers and the search engines, too. These are the best conditions for sustainable, cost-efficient, and organic growth.

With TripsByTips, the SEO visibility of the sonnenklar.tv brand grew more than 60%, from 86,000 to 142,000 (searchmetrics). The FTI.de visibility index climbed more than 260% in the same period of time, from 24,000 to 83,000 (searchmetrics).

FTI erfolgreich mit Content