• Working with TripsByTips since 2016
  • Inspiring and transactional content in 10 languages
  • Thousands of new landing pages and running updates
  • Increase in SEO visibility from 2 to 30 (SISTRIX)

About HomeToGo

HomeToGo is the meta search engine for holiday rentals and Germany’s fastest growing digital company of 2017 . Founded just four years ago, HomeToGo provides accesss to over 300 accommodation providers. 16 million offers for rooms, apartments, and houses in their portfolio make HomeToGo the world’s biggest search engine for holiday rentals.

The Challenge

Finding the perfect SEO Strategy

HomeToGo clearly filled a gap in the market. To date there is simply no other platform which pools countless offers from both private and commercial holiday rentals. The market is very fragmented. HomeToGo searches over 300 other providers such as Casamundo, Booking.com or FeWo-direkt and covers the whole spectrum. Potential customers, who want to feel at home on holiday, can quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for. In their own language. But how do they find HomeToGo?

Dominik Schwarz, HomeToGo

The Marketing Mix does not work without content. High quality and informative content leads the user to us, in the best case it convinces them to book.

VP Marketing & Communications, HomeToGo

The Solution

multilingual unique content

From the very beginning HomeToGo established itself on the global market. Right now, users can find all offers on the platform in 17 different markets. TripsByTips is specialised in multilingual scaling, therefore the perfect partner. Each description of holiday destinations and each informational text is written by a native speaker, who knows all the intricacies of the source market. Some Americans would be surprised to discover that all supermarkets in Germany are closed on Sundays, for example. With local knowledge and crucial sensitivity, the TripsByTips authors create the texts to order. The in-house editor checks all the requests once more.

Dominik Schwarz, HomeToGo

It is really important to us to have everything from a single source. With TripsByTips we order the texts we need, in the language we need. Shortly thereafter everything is available on the central TripsByTips platform and via API in our desired formats.

VP Marketing & Communications, HomeToGo

The Results

HomeTogo.de: 1400% increase in visibility over 2 years

Combining good products and the right texts from TripsByTips won HomeToGo over 1400% visibility in just two years. In 2018, Dominik Schwarz and his team won the award “In-house Team of the Year". In 2017 the company reached 6th place in Germany’s visibility growth ranking. That’s how to do traffic.

increase hometogo.de

The US American market

HomeToGo.com: An increase in SEO visibility

SEO visibility hometogo.com

Visibility in the Spanish market

HomeToGo.es: noticeable SEO increase over 2 years