What does the merger with greatcontent mean?

In the summer of 2019, TripsByTips merged with greatcontent, both subsidiaries of the MAIRDUMONT publishing group. Text production now takes place exclusively on www.greatcontent.com and has been expanded to include many languages and topics. Project enquiries can still be made via our contact form. The following FAQs now apply to the greatcontent Group.

In which languages can TripsByTips produce texts?

How much does it cost to place an order for content with TripsByTips?

Does TripsByTips also do translations?

Do I have a designated contact person during the project?

When should I take out a subscription and when should I place a contingent order?

What are the typical content formats that TripsByTips provides?

Does TripsByTips also cover SEO and topic-specific research?

How long does it take to produce a large amount of content?

How do the texts end up on my page?

In which formats does TripsByTips deliver the content?

Does TripsByTips also offer automated publishing solutions?

Does TripsByTips also produce content other than for tourism?

How does TripsByTips guarantee a consistently high quality?

Apart from creating texts, what else does TripsByTips do?

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What is TripsByTips?

Until the end of 2019, tourism texts were produced and photos marketed on the www.tripsbytips.de platform. Freelancers had the opportunity to write tourism online marketing texts for a fixed fee and to serve image orders.

Why can't I find any more orders at TripsByTips?

How do I get an account with greatcontent?

Why does my account at greatcontent have a certain level?

I have an open balance at TripsByTips. How do I get my money?

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