Differences between external and in-house content production

If you want publish an overseeable amount of texts quickly, you can often produce your online marketing content in-house. But as soon as you want to expand the production, it makes sense to go with an external provider. These are the main differences:

Content ProviderIn-house editorial
Preparation: recruiting, processes, QA - high
Ad hoc production at call - possible
Quickly adjustable quantities
SEO, keyword and subject research
Internationalisation: Time to market quick slow
Time invest Briefing set up/ramp up phase higher lower
Planning: fixed price per article

FAQ and information

Building an editorial team

Recruiting, processes and quality assurance all cost time. If you want to produce content in your own company, long term, you will need your own editorial team. For this, you need financial resources as well as personnel. Qualified employees spend a lot of time recruiting further qualified employees, training them and planning who does what when. Besides, you need a CMS in which both writers and editors can work at the same time, without disturbing one another.

With a content provider, you buy a service provider that already has editorial team, CMS and who can begin production immediately. The 20.049 travel writers of TripsbyTips cover almost every destination and relevant tourist topic there is. Experienced editors proofread every text and guarantee uniqueness, quality and adherence to the brief.

What to do if I need a text immediately?

Do I have to write a briefing?

Who will do SEO, keyword and topic research?

Several languages

How do I ensure the quality of the texts?

Do I need to proofread?

Fixed prices

Cooperation between in-house and external production



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