Facts – geo service

  • 400.000 tourism region polygons
  • Regions, city districts, beaches, squares and neighbourhoods
  • Interface for lat/lng geo matching
  • Generating search-relevant landing pages
  • Optimisation of internal search results

Facts – political geo data

  • 1,7 Mio destinations
  • Clear political geo paths with continent>country>region>place
  • Data dump and geo-matching service
  • Basis for the set-up for SEO-optimised portals
  • Multilingual

Initially, holidaymakers – especially when it comes to far-away destinations – do not look for specific places. They first look for well-known tourist regions, areas and highlights. TripsByTips knows the names of the tourism highlights, regions, city districts and beaches that customers look for. Through simple geo-matching we help customers set up relevant landing pages about tourist regions. Do you know which of your offers are in these regions? Take advantage of the traffic potential of tourist regions and create conversion-optimised landing pages for transaction-based region keywords.


Example – optimising a flight searchgrafik1

A holidaymaker is looking for flights using the keywords “flight Costa Brava”. Do you have an SEO landing page with offers for this region that can be displayed as a result? Or can holidaymakers immediately find the relevant airports for the “Costa Brava” region when searching your portal?

With the TripsByTips geo service we quickly match airports with the relevant tourist regions in a scalable way. The match is stored with the object in your database. New search-relevant landing pages are generated through the match, so that in future the search for “flight Costa Brava” takes the holidaymaker to the relevant offers in your portal.

How does the geo service work?

Delivery of object data

In order to match hotels to the right tourist regions, we need the lat/lng coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the objects.

Matching with lat/lng geo coordinates

We use geo coordinates (lat/lng) and automated matching to find out which objects are located in the tourist regions.

Delivery of the matching results

The matched data are delivered in dump format or via an xml interface, stored in the database with the object and directly integrated into the customer’s CMS solution this way.

Generating new landing pages through the geo service

  • You send us the lat/lng coordinates of an objects
  • We use the coordinates for the point-in-polygon matching to locate the object
  • We hand over the object-region match via dump or interface
  • You store the object matches in your database
  • Through the match you automatically create landing pages for new search-relevant tourist regions and optimise your search

Georg Weidner

Head of Website Management | COMVEL GmbH

“TripsByTips is a reliable partner who implements our requirements in a professional and goal-oriented way. The content tailored to helps our customers in their search of their dream holiday.”

Felix Undeutsch

Online Marketer/Sr. SEO Specialist | Expedia

“TripsByTips is our partner when it comes to content: editorial content on a large scale all about travel and the processing of geodata combined with our hotel information. TripsByTips is flexible, effective and fast.”

Ralf Usbeck

Vorstandsvorsitzender/CEO | peakwork

“We use the geodata of TripsByTips for our geo search. This also enables search queries about tourist destinations such as “holiday in the Pyrenees” and “hotel on the Danube in Hungary” and significantly simplifies the search for suitable offers for users on portals.”

Price model

The license fee for using the geodata depends on the type and quantity of required data and form of delivery. The geo service for tourist regions and the political geodata can be used individually and as a package. The minimum license period is 24 months. On request, the texts and pictures for geo landing pages on individual geographic entities can be created tailored to you in 30+ languages.

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