How does POI content work

  • Generating search-relevant landing pages
  • Improving the relevance of landing pages with tourism content
  • Traffic for high-transaction POI keywords
  • POIs help users make travel decisions
  • Increase time on site and conversion rate
  • POI updates enhance relevance and SEO freshness

Facts POI database

  • 60,000 POIs at 1,7 Mio travel destinations worldwide
  • Tourism-related master data including name, address, categories, tags and lat/lng
  • Categorisation by tourist attractions, restaurants, excursion destinations, shopping, etc.
  • Editorial selection of the top 5,000 POIs
  • Quality control by in-house picture editors
  • Can be combined with pictures

TripsByTips has compiled more than 60,000 POIs (points of interest) for a total of 1,7 Mio travel destinations around the world. Relevant POIs in the surrounding areas are automatically allocated to the hotel data. With these matches, it is possible to identify high-transaction and search-relevant keywords, such as “hotel near the Brandenburg Gate”, which you can use to generate conversion-optimised landing pages. What’s more, linking destinations and accommodation with relevant excursion and travel tips enhances the informative value and the relevance of your tourism portals. Up to date and relevant content makes users happy – and the conversion rate increases. POIs enable enhanced and up-to-date content that sends the right signs to the crawlers of search engines.

The process: Creating landing pages via POI matching

Delivery hotel data

In order to be able to allocate the relevant POIs to top destinations and hotels, we need the lat/lng coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the travel destinations or accommodation.

Matching with lat/lng geo coordinates

Using the geo coordinates lat/lng we perform an automated matching to determine which hotels are near search-relevant points of interest or which POIs are located in the vicinity of the hotels.

Delivery of the matching results

We can deliver the matching data either in dump format or via an xml interface. You then integrate them directly into your CMS solution.

Regular updates

Users interested in tourism look for relevance – at the same time, up-to-date content benefits the Google algorithm. Through regular updates, you keep your POI landing pages current, add additional relevant POI content to your destination pages and identify new potential for the creation of further landing pages.

Javier Primo Huerta

SEO Global Manager/Ecommerce | NH Hotels

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Price models

The license fee for the use of the POI data for mappings and to display the master data on maps depends on the quantity of required data and the form of delivery. The prices for texts describing the POIs, for the capturing of structured data and the validation of geo coordinates vary based on length of text and research overheads.

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