• Communicative and optimistic
  • Passionate VW Bulli driver
  • Fan of action: snowboarding, kite-surfing, beaching
  • Knows how to use a sewing machine


Project Manager

  • Has an eye for detail
  • Is pleased about empty cycle paths in winter
  • Dreams of owning her own café that serves French delicacies
  • Can juggle four balls


Senior Project Manager

  • Extremely patient
  • Has a smart red load-carrying bicycle
  • Expert in concerts in Berlin
  • A big fan of football


Sales Manager

  • An all-rounder when it comes to tourism
  • Committed cyclist whatever the weather
  • Would like to cross the Atlantic in a sailing boat
  • Knows every corner of the world (even if he hasn't been there yet)


Proofreading Manager

  • A spelling nerd
  • Drives a blue Schwalbe
  • Canadian-Palatine roots, now Berliner-by-choice
  • Looks for amber on the Baltic Sea in spring


Team Lead Editorial Management

  • Has the resilience of a roly-poly toy
  • Gets off the train one stop early to walk more
  • Has never been to New York
  • Completed a marathon – even though at school PE was her worst subject


Senior Editorial Manager

  • The woman with oversight
  • Has a pretty roadster with a willow basket
  • Wants to go to Atlantis by ship
  • Loves early Dutch paintings and minimal sounds


Editorial Manager

  • Is always smiling
  • Rides a mint-green bike
  • Would like to own a French bulldog named Karl-Heinz
  • A country girl with a passion for the big city


Full-Stack Developer

  • Each year, someone else
  • Travels by bike, even when on holiday
  • Constantly discovers new gems along the way
  • Can bake his own bread


Full-Stack Developer

  • Always finds a solution
  • Carries his racing bike all the way upstairs
  • Dreams of circumnavigating the world on his bike
  • Has a weakness for archaic words



  • Lateral thinker
  • Misses his downhill-bike
  • Would like to see Japan and Akihabara
  • Bookworm


Country Manager: German

  • Knows the secret to beautiful texts
  • Accepts long journey times because Wilmersdorf is so cool
  • Would like to go to Coachella Festival in California
  • Has tried all hair lengths between 6 and 600 millimetres


Country Manager: German

  • Laid-back television series junkie
  • Runs a lot; otherwise uses public transport
  • Wants to swim with piglets in the Bahamas
  • Flea market pro and ‘soccer mom’


Country Manager: English and Danish

  • Language nerd and artist
  • Always arrives in the last minute
  • Thailand
  • Has sewn a 3-metre-long aeroplane



  • Attentive listener
  • Quick on his feet
  • Feels drawn to the Asian world
  • A year-long goalie


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